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Echa un vistazo a la casa que rentará Zlatan en Manchester

La renta de esta propiedad en Inglaterra es de 66,ooo libras al mes, es decir más de $1,600,000 pesos de renta mensual, se habla que el sueldo de Ibra es de más de $250mil libras por semana, por lo que rentar esta propiedad no será ningún problema financieramente hablando.

The house includes the kind of luxury pool which the Lowry hotel lacked, causing Ibra to leave in favour off the Radisson Blu just hours after arriving

A plush cocktail bar would provide the perfect setting to relax after games

The view from spacious living room shows the size of the patio area outside

One of the six bedrooms that Ibra and his wife Helena would have to choose from

The house as it appears at night in the heart of Cheshire

The set-up Ibra could enjoy as he settles in for an evening watching the box

The bright white kitchen in the Bowdon-based pad

The 'indoor relaxation' area that the Swedish star can head to

One of the bathrooms includes this swish shower and bathtub

The garden has plenty of space for Ibra's two boys to run around

An image looks strangely reminiscent of United boss Jose Mourinho

The dining area that Ibra, wife Helena and their two sons could sit down to eat at

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